Saturday, April 26, 2008

Holy soapy cuteness!

Dear Shayne,

I just stumbled upon the cutest soap in the world at Hello Crafty's Etsy shop and I gotta share. Check it out:


You can buy your own custom-made button soap right here -- choose your own ingredients/scents. Nice!

After I flipped over that, I went poking around on her blog and almost fell out of my chair when I saw this:


Not only that, but they're cotton candy scented. Mm-mmm!

It looks like the Peeps are sold out right now (oh, yeah... I guess they're seasonal) but I'll bet she brings 'em back next year. Cause, um, the cuteness!


PS -- These photos are from Hello Crafty's Etsy shop and blog.


Anne/Ace said...

That Peeps soap is the best! I'm tempted by the hanging scrubbie soaps too.

Shayne said...

Oh my gosh! Who knew buttons could be so cute!!! Great find.