Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Dear Shayne,

Tomorrow is Bill's birthday. I didn't make his gift, but I did make his card. And it is cracking me up!
Bill's BD card

Hee hee. That Biscuit -- he's a punk!

Of course, I also made the envelope. It doesn't technically "match" the card, but I loved this paper so much that I had to use it:
Envelope for Bill's BD card

Biscuit hilarity + awesome stripey skulls. Gotta be a great birthday, doesn't it?



JenniferNabers said...

The only way to make the card more perfect would be if Biscuit was spitting out a chunk of Bill's chewed up favorite sweater or something like that. Hilarious!

Shayne said...

Biscuit! He's obviously got a big personality :)

Happy birthday to Bill!

Dawn said...

That is the best card ever! How did you ever manage to snap such a perfect shot of Biscuit mugging for the camera?? Awesome!

(Happy Birthday, Bill!)

kelly said...

Dawn -- I just told him how old Bill was and captured the look of shock on his face. Easy-peasy! ;)

A glance at my world said...

I love the striped skulls!