Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fingerless mittens

Dear Shayne,
Here are some fingerless mittens I made for a friend (Hi, Dawn!) about a month ago.

Boring flat shot:

As modeled by my hand:

Aaaand... action shot of Dawn wearing them:

Why the dinosaur, you ask? Right. Good question.

Dawn thinks she has "T-Rex" arms, so she decided to shoot her dino-y arms next to a little dino. I think her arms are just fine, but this shot is way more fun than my lame-o "Here's my hand" shot. Thanks, Dawn!



Shayne said...

Those are lovely armwarmers (hint hint). Dawn, you do not have dinosaur arms! I like fingerless mittens because gloves give me circulation issues. Fingerless mittens do not. I am not fully concious right now.

kelly said...

Oh, good grief! Everything I make, you say, "I want one! I want one!" ;) I guess that's a compliment though, right?

Well... perhaps there will be yarn leftover from this kittyville hat I'm making... We. Shall. See.

Shayne said...

It is a compliment! And I'm just jealous that you can knit and I can just barely crochet!