Monday, April 30, 2007

Yay! Finished project: Snowball's Chance in Hell

Dear Shayne,

I know it seems like forever since I first mentioned this project (at least, it feels that way to ME) but I finally finished this past weekend! Yay!
Snowball's Chance in Hell: Finished!

Meanwhile, taking this photo was pretty hilarious -- I lay down on the floor Superman-style and Bill stood over me and took the pic of my outstretched arms. Hee hee. I wish I had gotten a photo of that.

The bummer of this project is that it took frickin' forever and now that I'm finished... I have to put them away until winter. >sigh<


PS -- Edited to add that the left one looks a little deformed in the snowflake area, but it is most certainly not. Also, I am very white. That is all.


TheBon said...

I totally knew you must have taken the photo that way. I still love your floors too.

Shayne said...

Oh, just wear them around the house with the A/C blasting. Seriously, they are awesome. I am really impressed with your knitting skills.

kelly said...

It's actually not a temperature issue -- I could wear them at work (A/C) or in the evenings (since it doesn't really get that warm during the summer in the Bay Area). My problem is with the damned snowflakes.

Snowflakes in summer just seems... wrong. >sniff<

Becky said...

Where can I find this pattern? Thank you!

kelly said...

Becky -- you can find them right here on the Anticraft website:

Have fun!