Monday, August 16, 2010

Pink woven scarf

Dear Shayne,

I know you'll love this one because it's pink but it's not at all Shayne Friendly (it's wool). I made this scarf out of crazy yarn I bought 2 years ago at Stitches West. It's woven --weaving rocks!

Woven scarf

I used that crazy yarn (Pagewood Farm handspun) for the weft. For the warp, I used Juniper Moon worsted weight in colorway Little Women. Here they both are, pre-weaving:
Two awesome yarns = one great scarf

Once again, I did not do the best job of calculating how much yarn I would need. Not because it's difficult or because I cannot do it... just because I was lazy and over-confident. Whoops. So after I got about 4 feet out of that handspun, I realized I was going to run out before the scarf was long enough.

So I got creative and went stash diving. I found some gorgeous leftover Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk (so soft -- it's like clouds) and I put it together with the Juniper Moon yarn so that it was bulkier and I made... weird stripes!
Crazy stripes

Here's a close-up shot of the two different yarns together as the weft:
Close-up of some of the weaving

And here's a close-up of some of the handspun woven into the scarf -- love this yarn, as the fluffy bits are verrrry soft wool:
Weaving close-up

So it ended up being another one of my misfit projects -- the good news is that I looove my misfit projects, particularly this one!

This is a very thick, dense scarf. Won't be able to wear it until winter time, although it actually still feels rather wintery here in the Bay Area, so I might be able to break it out now. Out here, 2010 will be remembered as The Year Summer Never Came. Brrr!


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Shayne said...

It's beeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful! I love the nubbiness.

You want summer? Come visit! It's been between 80 and 100 all summer.