Saturday, August 07, 2010

Harry Potter Letters

Dear Kelly,

Later this month, my sister and I are taking Sam and my oldest nephew, Dylan, to Universal Studios Orlando, which includes the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We are all super excited and I decided to make us all official Hogwarts acceptance letters like the ones Harry gets in the first book/movie.

At first I thought I would need paper and envelopes that were or looked like parchment, but I watched the begining of the movie and decided that some cream cardstock would be fine. I found that in the stationery section at Joann's. It took me about a billion years to get the right settings in Word to print on the envelopes, but I now have the A2 settings saved for future use.

For the envelope seals, I couldn't find a brass H, so I bought a fun rubber stamp alphabet stamp set which worked just as good. I already had dark red wax seals, but it took awhile to melt them because I couldn't find my heat gun and had to use a hair dryer instead.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and hope the boys think they're fun.



kelly said...

Totally great! I'm sure the boys will love them. Are you going to mail them? Or... send them via owl? ;)

Shayne said...

Sam's is waiting for him on his bed. The address includes "Second door on the Right." For my sister and nephew, I put them in a bigger envelope addressed to her. Owls don't leave postmarks :)