Friday, August 20, 2010

Ack! Fuzzy cuteness!

Dear Shayne,

I saw this guy on the front page of Etsy this week and I just had to share the cuteness:

ACK! Fuzzy green cute! His name is Herb!

Etsy seller Zygopsyche makes many adorable fluffy cuties, including guinea pigs and more bunnies. She also makes versions in colors that occur in nature, but I find myself drawn to these fun ones.

Just LOOK at this fluffy pink bunny:

Oh, wait... this purple guinea pig?
Yeah. He's killin' me:

Sadly, I cannot have such fun in my life because Biscuit would eat them (jerk), but I had to share in case you or anyone else reading our blog has room for a fuzzy cuteness in your life.


PS - These photos are, of course, from Zygopsyche's Etsy shop. Check it out for even more of the cute!


Shayne said...

I have seen these and LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nick armbrister said...

aw purple gpig is well cool:)