Sunday, August 08, 2010


Dear Kelly,

I have a running joke with someone I work with about how when things get lost in cyberspace, they're somewhere with the unicorns and kittens. I decided I need to cross-stitch unicorns:


PS I must stop being lazy and get out my real camera instead of using the one on my phone!


kelly said...

Love it -- the unicorns and kitten suggestion is awesome (and takes the edge off of the frustration of things getting lost in cyberspace).

Did you stitch all of the blue background? I can't tell if the cloth is printed or if that's stitched.

Yes, you need to get out your real camera -- I need details! (Or get a better camera phone...)

Shayne said...

I stitched the background. Don't know what I was thinking - it took forever!

Winifred said...

I love the unicorns!

kelly said...

I'm so impressed you stitched the background! Go, you!