Tuesday, August 03, 2010

LWA at Renegade SF

Dear Shayne,

This past weekend, I went to Renegade SF. As always, it was truly amazing -- I think it's my favorite craft fair. I saw many of my favorite bloggers and artists -- so great to see work in person that I've only seen online before.

I didn't buy too much -- perhaps I was overwhelmed at all the goodness. (Sometimes I get like that and cannot focus enough to buy things -- is that weird?)

But I did stop in at 16 Sparrows, home of the Letter Writers Alliance and I met the lovely and charming duo behind those endeavors, Donovan and Kathy. They were just as great in person as they seem online (and via real mail!)

They were giving out little envelopes of goodies for LWA members:
LWA goodies from Renegade

Inside was a sweet message and fun ephemera:
LWA goodies from Renegade

I also bought a little box of stickers from them -- you'll be seeing some of this in your mailbox at some point, I'm sure:
Renegade loot

The other items I bought were also mailables and probably coming your way soon, so I'll hold off on showing them to you.

After Renegade on Saturday, I had a fun crafternoon with my crafty buddies on Sunday (Hi, Jan, Jocelyn, and Hollie!) so it was an all-around craft-astic weekend. Whee!



TJ said...

The stickers look great! Makes me want to go write a letter... which I've been postponing for a while, haha.

Shayne said...

Yeah, I did Renegade Chicago a few years ago with DC Craft Mafia and I'm pretty sure I spent every penny I made while shopping there.

Love the LWA stuff! I need to get back into real mail.

And I feel you on the appeal of a PO Box and how can you go wrong with something so beautiful? I have made note of your new address :)