Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project Pouches

Dear Kelly,

I've been doing a whole lot of cross-stitching lately (pictures to come soon), and decided that I needed zipper pouches to hold each project. Of course, I could have sewn my own, but I do love shopping too, so I went on a crazed 2-hour local hunt that turned up nothing - Walmart, Target, Borders, Joann, Michaels and Staples - nothing. Defeated, I went home and started looking online and found these adorable 7" x 9" vinyl pouches at Pearl River. And they were only $7 each! These are the four I got, although I may order some more:


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kelly said...

So funny you post this -- I kind of struggled to find the pouch I finally bought for your mail art kit, so I feel your pouch-hunt pain!

These are great -- I love "Don't make me stop this car!"

I love a good project pouch. Keeps everything you need right where you need it (and much better than Ziploc bags!)