Monday, August 16, 2010

Online class, redux

Dear Shayne,

Great minds think alike! You mentioned you're taking a couple of online classes, just as I was about to tell you about the online class I'm taking: Home Ec Sewing Class.

It says "for beginners," but there's something for everyone here (and a great motivator to make stuff). It's a whirlwind of information -- 26 projects in 5.5 weeks! -- BUT the projects (which are super cool -- click on that link and see the goodness) are going to be available for a year, so a little group of my crafty buds and I are going to work through them over the next 52 weeks.

They say on their site that they're taking registrations through yesterday, August 15, but my friend (Hi, Katie!) signed up today successfully, so you might still be able to.

If you're feeling frisky, please join us! Meanwhile, you'll see plenty of projects from me here over the next year. First up: Cloth napkins. (Which we use in our house, so that's exciting!)


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Shayne said...

I will take a look now...