Friday, August 29, 2008


Dear Shayne,

As you know, I've been trying to grow catnip for the past couple of months (false start, second attempt, success, strange black/purple leaves, and harvest.) I finally have... catnip! Yay!

But first, I want to show you what's going on with my plant... there are green leaves growing in the middle of the black ones:
Recovering catnip plant (I hope)

So I guess it's recovering? I hope so. Now, onto the nip!

Here it is once I dried it out:
Dried catnip

Per various instructions online, I put in in a baggie and crunched it up:
Dried catnip

I knew it was good when I left that baggie on the kitchen counter and we heard Kaesea in there grabbing it. He's not allowed on the counters and he's usually very good about that, but I guess it was irresistible. (Which is great!)

I then put it on the Cat Spa. A quick word about the Cat Spa... it is huge and ugly but it is truly the best way for our two cats [who mostly fight] to get along and enjoy catnip simultaneously.

(Also, when they're going at the nip on it, you can sing "Rock the Cat Spa, rock the Cat Spa..." Heh.)

Here is a photo of both cats rocking the Cat Spa:
Cat Spa covered in catnip

We use the Cat Spa frequently and this is the most blissed out we have ever seen them with it -- they really loved this nip!

Here is a blurry photo (they were going nuts, so it was hard to get good photos) of Kaesea looking very blitzed and Biscuit licking the catnip-covered brush:
Kaesea and Biscuit enjoying the nip

A doped-up Biscuit:
Biscuit, out of it.

And, of course, Kaesea:
Kaesea, riding high

A good time was had by all. (Particularly Bill and I -- we were laughing our butts off at these two.) Unfortunately, my first harvest was only worth about one session. But I have more buds out there, so I hope to have more soon.



Victoria said...

Hmm, looks like high grade Columbian nip to me!

Shayne said...

Awesome pictures! The cat spa looks great...I'll have to look into that for my beasties. And good job on the plant-growing!

amy said...

aw, stoned babies! we have several stuffies filled with catnip that are political leaders... george bush, and the premier of my province gordon campbell, and they're my cat's favourites!

we also have a cat toy that is a ring with a ball trapped inside it, and cardboard in the middle, and we sprinkle it with catnip and they go crazy until the oldest cat sits on it so that the others can't get at it!