Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Crafty friends rock!

Dear Shayne,

I must admit, I haven't been too terribly crafty lately... must be the heat of summer or just general busy-ness. Fortunately, my good friend Dawn has stepped in to save the day -- she's just sent me something super crafty that I can show off to you right now!

It's this awesome vinyl Nancy Drew pouch:
Nancy Drew pouch

It's fantastic! She did a great job, including lining the pouch with super-cute Nancy Drew fabric:
Nancy Drew pouch: interior

And can you see her little label in there? It's her Flickr ID, "You're Fabulous." Because she is totally fabulous!
Nancy Drew pouch: label

Wow. All right. I need to get crafting around here so I can show off something I made myself!



amy said...

oh that is SO AWESOME! i've totally been craving vinyl again lately, i hadn't worked with it in a while until i did the fat girl bag, and i love it so much.

such a cute bag! the matching fabric is so perfect!

A glance at my world said...

Oh my gosh, I LoVe Nancy Drew! My friend and I had so much ND fun thi summer :)

Marilyn Schumacher said...

Kelly - sweet! I wrote a story a couple of years ago about my fantasy of being Nancy Drew.

kelly said...

Oh, Marilyn! I want to read your story! :)

Shayne said...

This is so SO cool! What a lucky girl you are to get such an amazing present!

Go Dawn!!!