Monday, August 04, 2008

Nearly nip!

Dear Shayne,

Remember the catnip plant I am growing? (Photos of the original tiny plant here and here.) Well, I am getting excited now... look how big it is!
My catnip plant!

Particularly, let's zoom in and get a look at these little buds:
Tiny catnip bud

See that? That's future catnip, baby!



Liz said...

That is too COOL! I'd probably kill it if it were at my house... but it looks like you have a green thumb for sure.

kelly said...

Hee hee. That made me giggle, Liz. I most certainly do *not* have a green thumb -- that's why I am so excitedly posting photos of my little plant -- I've killed every living thing I've ever tried to grow before.

I can't wait to have catnip! (Oh, yeah... the cats will probably be excited, too...)

Shayne said...

Awesome! I didn't realize catnip is so interesting looking.

kelly said...

For the most part, it looks kind of like a mint plant (they're apparently related [which I never knew]) but now there are these spiky buds showing up.

And the buds are where the action's at!