Sunday, August 17, 2008

More gardening

Dear Shayne,

Are you wondering if we're going to rename this blog "Trans-garden-ental?" Don't worry -- I've still got other crafts up my sleeve. This summer is just the first summer I have tried my hand at gardening (plants usually creep me out, to tell the truth) and it's actually been pretty fun!

First up is my catnip... the leaves are still kind of black on it and I feel bad for that, so I won't post a photo of the plant. But I harvested my little buds and now they're hanging up drying!
Catnip drying
(So exciting!)

Bill's tomato plants have sort of blown out their space and are kind of killing one another out there, but there are still many promising fruits/veggies. The most exciting one is this little pink dude:
Tomato: almost there!

Man... I can almost taste that! There are several other green clusters as well:
Green tomatoes

And look... more:
More green tomatoes

The lavender plants are still doing pretty well. Just had to share this cute little guy I saw hanging out in them yesterday:
Ladybug in the lavender

Can you see him? Here's a close-up:
Ladybug close up

I'm not usually into plants or bugs. Guess I'm a new woman! Well... maybe not. I'd still do the freakout dance if that guy was actually on me.



Dawn said...

Congratulations on the success of your catnip grow-op!

Shayne said...

Can't tomatoes just get along with other tomatoes?

Send us a nip sample!