Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cupcakes I have knit

Dear Shayne,

I didn't knit any of these cupcakes recently, but I've been thinking of making another one and then I thought, "Hmm... I don't think I've ever posted any of these cupcakes on our blog." So here they are, for you to admire (and desire!)

I used the pattern from the book One Skein.

Here is the first one I made -- it now belongs to my friend Dawn's daughter:
Coconut knitted cupcake
(I like how that yarn on top looks like coconut. Mmmm... coconut.)

This next one I made for a cupcake-themed swap on Craftster. My partner's favorite kind of cupcake was red velvet (also one of my favorites) so that's what I made:
Red velvet knitted cupcake
(You can't tell in the photo, but the "frosting" yarn is sooo soft. I love that yarn.)

And the last one now lives with my friend Jami. Perhaps that's why I thought of these cupcakes -- Jami's birthday is coming up. I sewed beads to the top of this one for "sprinkles," which you can't see too well.
Knitted cupcake w/ sprinkles
(The "frosting" on that one might have been a little small -- that dude kind of looks like a mushroom. Oh, well. Still cute.)

Damn. Now I want a cupcake.

And not a knitted one, either.



Victoria said...

Very cute! I've never seen a knitted cupcake before!

Dawn said...

The coconut cupcake still has a place in the kid's bed just in case her beloved Care Bears get hungry in the middle of the night.

Shayne said...

So cute!!!!

Sarah said...

these are adorable! i want to knit one now!

The Housewife said...

OH WOW! I love these!!!