Friday, August 01, 2008


Dear Kelly,

Speaking of hats, I have decided I am a hat person. I've bought a couple and thought I ought to make more myself. I just stopped at Joann and looked through all of the pattern books to no avail.

So where else can I look? I bet you know who sells "hip" patterns online.

I'm off to find my sewing books...



kelly said...

What kind of hats are you looking to make?

amy said...

i bought a book on hat making, and damned if i can find it now... it's called saturday night hat. it's pretty cool, lots of funky hat ideas and instructions on how to make a bunch.

the only thing i didn't like about it was that there are pictures of fedoras on the cover, which i was really excited about, but the actual projects were just bands on purchased fedoras. i was disappointed! but if you know that before you buy it, the disapointment level would be lower!

i just googled it, and craftzine did a review of the book a while ago, and linked to it on amazon. i'd totally recommend it too.

and check, i'm sure i've seen some tutorials for hats on there.

i wanna see what you make!!

Shayne said...

Newsboys and those little military sorta caps. I have determined that golfer hats and fedoras are not for me.

Kelly, I might need some more knit hats when winter rolls in :)

Amy, thanks for the tip. I will check it out.

lizap said...

My friend makes beautiful hats using patterns from this seller on Etsy (McHats)

They are really cute and she has some variations on the newsboy cap.