Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jocelyn!

Dear Shayne,

Remember Jocelyn? She made me this awesome pin cushion (Pinny!) and this lovely little book? Well, yesterday was her birthday and I made her a knitting bag:
Knitting bag for Jocelyn

It's basically the same one I have made in the past, except I eliminated interior pockets this time. Mostly because I realized I never use the pockets in mine. When I told Jan (Hi, Jan!) this, she said she does use the pockets in hers, so perhaps I should continue making pockets? (I've also made this bag for Dawn, so... poll time! Do you use those pockets, Dawn?)

The exterior of this bag is made from a pre-patchworked fabric, so I didn't do all of that patchworkiness myself. The interior is made from an old pillowcase and I just love the print:
Knitting bag for Jocelyn

Isn't that print lovely? I think so!



Shayne said...

That is soooo pretty! Who needs pockets, anyway?

Dawn said...

That is beautiful fabric!

(And yes, I use the pockets - mostly just for pens and a little notebook that I always like to have handy)