Sunday, July 27, 2008


Dear Shayne,

Have you ever seen a tutorial and thought, "Wow! That is so simple! I want to try this simple thing and get the same fantastic results that person got!"(Or something to that effect?)

Well, that happened to me with a "simple" tutorial to make a lovely flower out of paper. (Go -- check it out. I'll wait here. Really... go on!)

Does that look simple and lovely? I mean, really! How hard could that be?

Well, gah.

I tried it out yesterday night and mine are... not nearly as lovely. Mine just look like boring spirals of paper -- hers look like lovely little roses! Bill says it's the photos, which I guess may be true, since mine also look better in photos than they look in real life, but still.

Here's one from cardstock (ignore my pencil marks):
Pink cardstock rose

I guess it does look all right in the photo, but in person, it really does just look like a spiral of paper. Here it is from the top down:
Pink cardstock rose

And here is one made with regular paper. It didn't hold together nearly as well:
Pink paper rose

And here's the final cardstock one I tried before giving up:
Blue cardstock rose
I feel like the originals kind of fan out more as they finish up. The entire flower seems... I don't know... more flat in the tutorial than mine are. Do you see what I mean?

Anyone else want to give this a whirl and tell me how yours came out?



Victoria said...

I think they look pretty good, actually!
I will have to give this a try some time, thanks for sharing!

j0zzzz said...

I tried 2, one with a thinner spiral and one with a thick one. The thin spiral turned out much better, but they still look better in pictures then in person...

Shayne said...

Silly girl, I think they look great!

Krys Radz said...

I think the "originals" are just wrapped a bit more tightly. We did these as a kid . . . somewhere . . . and that was one of the frustrations, until I wrapped them "just so". So, you want a tight flower bud. hahahahahaha.

The Housewife said...

The blue one looks pretty good! I can't wait to try this myself. Thanks for the tip!