Monday, July 14, 2008

Russian Dolls

Dear Kelly,

I have this bowl on my dining room table:

I searched for months for the perfect bowl that I'd actually want to leave out all the time. I'm pretty sure I found this one at Joanns. Since I got it, I've been on the hunt for something fill it with. Something that either the cats can't remove or that would hold up well if they got them.

Today, via Craft: zine, I found the perfect idea:

Lauren of the very lovely blog, Goody-Goody Handmade, was kind enough to share a pattern and instructions for making these super cute Matryoshka tooth fairy pillow dolls. I think it would be fun to make a whole bunch of these (without the pockets, of course, since they won't be used as tooth fairy pillows) to fill up the bowl.

If I have catnip, I'll go ahead and put some in each one. If the cats are going to steal these, might as well make it exciting for them.


P.S. Picture of bowl is from me. Picture of the dolly is from Goody-Goody Handmade.


kelly said...

Love that doll! Are you going to use your fancy embroidery machine to make the faces?

Liz Harrell said...

Great idea! Love it..

tid bit said...

Thanks for mentioning my doll on your blog!! Glad you like her..I'm doing one for boys this week, so check back :)

Shayne said...

Hopefully I'll get around to posting tonight...I actually made 8 dolls. And a PDF of instructions. I was going to use my fancy embroidery machine to do the faces but then I thought I could be even lazier and do iron-on transfers.