Saturday, July 05, 2008

Log o' yarn

Dear Shayne,

Last year, a friend went to Morocco and attempted to bring back some yarn for the knitters in her life. She tried to get the vendor to give her several small balls of yarn in different colors, but he kept bringing down huge quantities of the same color: brown.

Finally, given the language barrier and his increasing level of frustration, she took what he gave her and ran.

Therefore, I now present... the Log o' Yarn:
Giant log o' yarn
(Please note the ruler there for size. It's a big log o' yarn. BIG.)

It's a nice rich brown color (that I didn't capture very accurately in this photo) and it feels good... kinda soft, but sturdy. We're not quite sure what it's made of yet... but we can do tests! With fire! Let the fun begin!

Meanwhile, I'm ashamed to admit that this log o' yarn has been sitting under my desk for over six months. There are a few of us who are going to divvy it up, but the Herculean task of winding it into manageable balls is daunting.

We need to have a big ol' windin' party or something. With cocktails. Large cocktails. Whooopeee!



Victoria said...

Very funny!

Anonymous said...

wow that really is a big log o yarn! i like the color, it would make a nice hat for winter...

j0zzzz said...

Let me know if you need assistance in this mighty task: I love ball-winding! And cocktails!

Shayne said...

That's a whole lot of brown yarn! Is it Cleveland Brown? :)