Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Crafty Little Shop(pe)

Dear Shayne,

No crafts to report on my end of the country, but I wanted to tell you about the cutest little crafty shop (er, "shoppe") I recently found (via design*sponge -- if you don't read that blog, you should!)

It's called The Curiosity Shoppe -- they have loads of crafty/crafted items there and it looks like their home page is bird-themed right now, which should have you in feathered heaven. Tweet tweet!

I ordered a few sweet little items from them, including this tote bag, which perfectly represents our youngest cat, Biscuit:
Bitey Cat tote

He's orange, a total nut, and really enjoys chewing on things, so this... this really fits the bill. I've got to either laugh or cry about that little brat's path of destruction and I've decided to laugh. (Remind me that I said that the next time I'm crying about something he's chewed up, wouldja?)

I particularly want to recommend this shop/pe because everything in my order was individually wrapped when it arrived! It was like getting presents! I can't tell you how fun that was... even though I knew what I had ordered, the joy of unwrapping made the entire event very... "Oooh! For MEEE?"

Great products, great service, fast shipping, and the awesome present-getting sensation to boot. What a fun shopping experience!



Shayne said...

Oooh, their front page is birdilicious! I wish I had money to spend right now. What are you going to use your kitty tote for? We have an orange tabby, too, but he is just a big lug...spends most of his time on his back with his paws in the air.

kelly said...

I use my tote to carry crap to work. Today I had my purse, my knitting, lunch, and a book. It's handy for toting.