Sunday, May 27, 2012

Squirrelly Embroidery Cuteness

Dear Shayne,

This Instagram photo does not do this embroidery justice. And this embroidery doesn't do the original drawing justice! But it's still pretty darned cute:

A friend of mine illustrates the most adorable creatures you have ever seen. Seriously. (I also stitched a penguin -- need to grab a photo of that.) When I first saw her illustrations, I said, "Must. Embroider!" Finally got around to it this month.

She needs to find a better stitcher than me to make her some samples and sell these designs. Pronto. Cause they are super CUTE!



Katie said...

Hopefully Mr. Squirrel got back to you? He's pretty freaking cute :)

Shayne said...

That's adorbale! I love squirrels!