Monday, March 08, 2010

I have made a crazy-a** scarf!

Dear Shayne,

A few weeks back, I read this blog post by a very funny blogger, Crazy Aunt Purl. Go over and check out the post. Scroll down to see the scarf she made there. I'll wait.

Sometimes, you see something and you sit up and say, "Yes! I have to make THAT!" And that's what happened to me. She used all of these funky yarns and I certainly have funky yarns. Most of my funky yarns are in brown and orange (the colors, of course, of my beloved Cleveland Browns).

So I used her pattern, cast on 250 stitches, and started knitting. Here is a glimpse of Crazy, Part 1: the crazy yarns I used:
Crazy scarf is crazy

At some point, I thought to myself, "Wow. This thing sure is getting heavy. I know she said it was long, but... how long is it, exactly?" Because of the way that this is knit, it's difficult to tell how long it's going to be until you take it off of the needles.

Even if it's going to be, say (and here we are coming to Crazy, Part 2): 12 feet long.

Dude. This scarf is totally 12 feet long! It's hilarious! I had such a hard time taking a photo of it. I even took it outside and hung it on a tree, but it just made the tree look small:
Crazy long scarf

I tried getting a sort of "perspective" shot of it, hanging off of our deck, but the ground is 14 feet below me here, so it just kind of disappears at the end:
Crazy long scarf

Here it is, hanging on a rod. It's doubled, then it goes over the rod twice. Each portion you see there is about 1.5 feet long. So, you know. TWELVE feet, total.
This scarf is very, very long

Here is Kaesea looking at it in utter disbelief:
Kaesea looks on in disbelief

Trust me when I say that this thing is long and crazy.
And I totally love it. Go, Browns!