Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day!

Dear Shayne,

Oooh... quiet around here,isn't it? I just realized I never finished reporting about my Crafty Christmas. Where has 2011 gone? Oh, well. Time to get back to it!

For Valentine's Day, I made cookies and very simple little valentines.

The oh-so-delicious cookies:
V Day Cookies

And the oh-so-late (just mailed today -- whoops) and oh-so-simple valentines:
V Day Cards

I cut out the "LOVE" with the Cricut (of course) and I had big plans for something way fancier, but it just didn't happen. So I just stuck it to cardboard, wrote a note, and sent it out in very cute envelopes. Done!

In other news, Bill has been making beer, we're bottling wine next weekend, and I've got a batch of limoncello going right now. So we've been making stuff, but we're too drunk on it to post. Heh.