Saturday, April 04, 2009

Roll o' Crayons

Dear Shayne,

Tap! Tap! Is this thing on? We almost have tumbleweeds blowing through this here blog! Good news, though: I have finally made something. Whee!

Meanwhile, I think that small sewing projects are just not my thing. Remember the trouble I had on that little tooth fairy pillow? I revisited some of my same issues on another "easy" project for a small child this week.

I got the idea to make a crayon roll from my friend Dawn, who directed me to a tutorial from Skip to my Lou. The pattern calls for ric-rac edging, but since this was for a boy, I omitted it. Maybe I should have left it. Who knows. My problems may run deeper than ric-rac.

At any rate...
Disaster #1 occurred when I picked too light of a fabric for the first roll -- crayon scribbles showed all over it. Ugh. Back to the drawing board.

So I went with a darker fabric (a black and grey swirled number) for Attempt #2 and, as I finished it up, I realized that it was the most grim, depressing crayon roll I had ever seen -- I could not give that to a child!

So Attempt #3 was successful. Mostly. It's a little lumpy, but that's the charm of handmade, right? I used a dark fabric with many colors in it. This choice should both disguise stray crayon marks, yet also be cheerful. Here's the backside:
Crayon roll: backside

Of course, I also made the entire project more difficult than it needed to be by making a different colored pocket for each crayon. But you know me -- gotta go all out n' get crazy.
Crayon roll: Business side

Meanwhile, I have just realized I used the same fabric for the tooth fairy pillow as this crayon roll. Perhaps it's not me after all! It's this fabric! (Yeah, sure. That's it, Kel. Cursed fabric. Riiiight.)
Crayon roll: Full o' crayons

I broke a few crayons while working on this project, so I have a new found appreciation for the crayon roll -- gotta protect your precious crayons!
Crayon roll: All rolled up!