Thursday, July 21, 2016

404 huh?

Dear Kelly,

Remember that time I visited you and we decided to move this blog to Wordpress and it didn't work because I kept getting an error with my host and I spent a lot of time calling and emailing customer support and they couldn't figure out what the problem was and we temporarily gave up and eventually they did email me to say that I should call and they would do that logging-into-your-account-remotely-while-you-watch thing so they could figure out the problem and I've yet to do that because I'm tired so all this time our lovely blog has been offline and who knows how many people have clicked through from Pinterest only to get a 404 error page? Remember that time?

Well, I had this brilliant idea! I could just repoint the domain back to Blogger and I just did that and voila! Here we are! Fantastico!

Craft posts soon, perhaps...


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Starting small...

Dear Shayne,

All right! You've cracked it all back open by ending our three year hiatus! (Think anyone besides us is still out there? Since our last post, RIP Google Reader* sooo... you'd have to be pretty committed to taking our [seemingly dead] RSS feed with you.)

Soo... I have been wrestling with my guilt at not sending postcards after my last post, but it's time to just move on, right? (Although I will go back and see if I can still find any of the people who wanted one -- I still have those postcards!)

All right. Let's make a post! Last week, I got a text from you saying you had an "urgent button need":

And you confirmed the phrase, soooo... I made this puppy and sent it to you:
Still difficult to get good photos of buttons!

Now. You gotta tell me -- what does it meeeean? ("Double rainbow" is not an acceptable answer, despite my reference. Heh.)

And I am particularly proud of this perfectly placed emoji sticker on the Priority Mail envelope that I sent to you:

Glad it got there in time! (I got waylaid for a day with this weather, but it *looks* like spring is on the horizon -- fingers crossed.)


PS -- It's crazy for me to think that the last time I posted here, Kaesea was still with us. I am going to have to press Yoda and Eddie into craft modeling -- I think they'd be up for it. Heh.

* I still miss Google Reader, but have since moved on to Feedly -- where are you getting your feeds these days?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let's bring this back and get straight to the point

Dear Kelly,

There's a pun in that title...

We are bad bloggers. Bad, bad bloggers. But I as I was browsing through our posts yesterday (2012 was the last one - yikes!), I was much worse than you. You were a damn good blogger and I, well, I sucked.

So here I am to revive our little blog with a necklace I made this past weekend for the oldest daughter of one of my bestest friends, Chrissi. She and I have been friends for ten years now, when #2 and I moved into the same neighborhood she lived in with her ex and aforementioned oldest daughter, Leah. Sam was five and Leah was three. Chrissi's son Ethan was actually in her belly the first day we met and born the next day! Now she also has another daugther, Rei, who is the cutest, cuddly thing and just walks up to you and puts her arms up for a hug and she's so little that you can't help but pick her up in the middle of that hug. 

But I digress. Leah turned 13 last September and I wanted to give her something special and of course life got in the way (see: last blog post in 2012!), so I just got around to making this necklace for her, which she should get in the mail to open this weekend. It will be an approximate "Happy 13 1/2th Birthday" present. Who doesn't want one of those?

Leah loves shades of aqua and turquoise, she's taken archery classes, and arrows are totes cool these days. The arrow charms came in a pack with all three colors, so I decided to use them all. I made the little dangles and bead connectors, and used jump rings to make the chain. Actually, I didn't have any 4mm silver jump rings and ended up taking apart a pair of dangly earrings to get those. (I've since stocked up on jump rings.)

Chrissi tells me that the birthday girl will love this and I'm pretty confident myself. Hopefully, I'll get a good picture of her modeling her present.

Now I'm off to make something for you :)


Monday, May 28, 2012

Postcardy Fun

Dear Shayne,

I actually made these post cards several months ago but then... I just couldn't bring myself to mail them then because I loved them so much!

I've now admired them for awhile now, so I think it's time to set them free. Right?

Ok! Who wants a postcard? If there's anyone reading this, leave a comment with some way to get in touch with you -- email, blog, etc. Heck, if you don't mind your address out in public, go ahead and put that in the comments if you want! You can also email me your info: onetomatotwo [at] gmail [dot] com. And I'll send you a postcard!

It was super fun to make all of the butterflies:

Postcard, anyone?  (I think that darker pink one has your name on it, Shayne.)


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Squirrelly Embroidery Cuteness

Dear Shayne,

This Instagram photo does not do this embroidery justice. And this embroidery doesn't do the original drawing justice! But it's still pretty darned cute:

A friend of mine illustrates the most adorable creatures you have ever seen. Seriously. (I also stitched a penguin -- need to grab a photo of that.) When I first saw her illustrations, I said, "Must. Embroider!" Finally got around to it this month.

She needs to find a better stitcher than me to make her some samples and sell these designs. Pronto. Cause they are super CUTE!