Thursday, July 21, 2016

404 huh?

Dear Kelly,

Remember that time I visited you and we decided to move this blog to Wordpress and it didn't work because I kept getting an error with my host and I spent a lot of time calling and emailing customer support and they couldn't figure out what the problem was and we temporarily gave up and eventually they did email me to say that I should call and they would do that logging-into-your-account-remotely-while-you-watch thing so they could figure out the problem and I've yet to do that because I'm tired so all this time our lovely blog has been offline and who knows how many people have clicked through from Pinterest only to get a 404 error page? Remember that time?

Well, I had this brilliant idea! I could just repoint the domain back to Blogger and I just did that and voila! Here we are! Fantastico!

Craft posts soon, perhaps...