Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Napkins: Too Awesome to Use?

Dear Shayne,
>Cough!< >Cough!< Good lord! The cobwebs around here are thick enough to choke a horse!

Since I am currently planning a cross-country move, I'm casting around for blog-fodder in these not-so-crafty times... (unless we count packing boxes as "crafty" -- I am damned good at it, I must admit...)

Here are some amazing napkins that my friend Dawn made for me last year (Hi, Dawn!) (You're still with us, right?) and I have been neglectful about posting. Shayne, they are so beautiful and amazing that I have been afraid to use them:
Awesome napkins from Dawn

Let's get a full view of one of those beauties, shall we?
One of the napkins from Dawn
(Note: That does not look perfectly straight, but that is 100% the fault of the photographer -- I did not hang 'em right. They're beautiful in person. Absolutely perfect!)

Totally gorgeous -- pieced together with hockey prints + awesome coordinated fabrics. We recently had guests over and I used them, but I must admit I was a bit anxious the whole time. But they're napkins, right? Meant to be used, right? Yeah... I just gotta keep telling myself this.


PS -- My plan to mail something every day in February plan failed spectacularly, but I did send about 6 items that I probably would not have otherwise. (So maybe not a "spectacular" Fail. Just... a mostly Fail? Let's go with that.)