Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yudu video from Handmade Detroit

Dear Shayne,

A couple of months ago, you posted about Yudu, a possible successor to the Gocco. Since then, I've seen more and more press about it, including this awesome video tutorial from Handmade Detroit.

From the comments on that post, it looks like they are now selling Yudu at Joann's (and have been offering discounts!), although it's currently sold out on their site -- wonder if they have them in stores. Have you seen it there?

Watching the video, the Yudu looks like it's more difficult (and messier) to use than the Gocco, but way easier than figuring out all of the ins and outs of screen printing from scratch.

Speaking of Gocco, I realized a few weeks ago that the link wasn't working anymore. So I went searching and found the Save Gocco blog, which has updates on the status of (they're working on it) and Gocco itself (yes, Riso has stopped making supplies and it looks like they have just about run out at this point). There is some potential good news in this post. Maybe. Only time will tell.


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EricaBurnsDesigns said...

I have the Yudu & I love it! They have them at the JoAnne's here. They were on sale a few weeks ago for only $199 (regularly $299). There is a bit of a learning curve that I am still working through, but considering I have never done any type of screen printing I am pretty happy with my results thus far!