Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Awesome letterpress: Carrot & Stick

Dear Shayne,

I mentioned Carrot & Stick Press awhile back when I was talking about my awesome crafty cousin and his cool business cards.

I was out last weekend with my friend Hollie and I stumbled across some of their cards for sale at a darling boutique (Lola of North Beach -- such a cute little shop.)

Look how great they are:
Letterpress skull cards. Yeah!
(Of course I had to buy them!)

I even like the back -- more skulls + the handsome logo is also part of the letterpress design:
Letterpress skull cards: backside
(Click through to see bigger more letterpress-eriffic photos.)

I've always been fascinated by letterpress, although I cannot commit to adding yet another crafty hobby to my repertoire. Instead, I'll buy cards from talented folks like these who know what they're doing!


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Shayne said...

Me too - any kind of printing, really. Those cards are cute!