Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I <3 Coraline

Dear Shayne,

Have you seen Coraline? I saw it a few weeks ago and boy-oh-boy does a movie like that get the creative juices flowing. I really feel like I need to see it again (several times!) to appreciate all of the crafty goodness within.

After the movie, I said to Bill, "I'm so used to Computer Generated Imagery, I kept having to remind myself that everything was real..." He said, "Wait. That wasn't CGI?" Hee hee. Exactly! Everything in that movie is handmade. Wow.

If you have not already seen them, you should watch the videos at the Coraline site -- particularly where they are making their crafty stuff. The miniature knitter is astounding:

(By the way -- that's a Blog First for us. We've never embedded a video before. Go, us: embracing technology of the 21st century!)

I love this photo, showing the cherry blossoms made from pink popcorn. Nothing hammers home the "real"-ness of the set like seeing a full grown man huddled in the tiny forest:

Of course, the fact that it was in 3D was also pretty slick.

Have you seen it? If so, what did you think? (If not, get to the theatre, girlfriend!)


PS - Still photo from the Coraline site.


Dawn said...

We saw Coraline last weekend and loved the way it looked. As far as CG technology has come, it still can't beat the sort of magical feel that is created when things are actually "real".

This is why I worry about the remake of The Neverending Story - part of what made all those cheesy fantasy movies from the 80s so awesome was their Muppet-y goodness. Even though the creatures weren't real, you still knew that they at least existed in some physical form. No matter how cool a CG luckdragon might

Andy Darling said...

I absolutely love this movie. Except for a few parts that creeped me out. The imagery was incredible. I really hope they make more movies like that. :)

Rozi said...

*sob sob*

The movie has yet to play in this part of the world, I love stop motion animation. I liked the graphic novel, and I've seen the trailers. I so envy that you have watched it already! Am waiting in anticipation...

They're remaking The Neverending Story? Wow...

Victoria said...

Would love to see the movie, haven't had a chance to do so yet. I think Tim Burton is a genius.

The tiny knitting video is awesome!