Sunday, March 08, 2009

Engagement party invites

Dear Shayne,

I have a feeling most of the crafts I post between now and July are going to be wedding related. I hope you don't get bored with red and white!

The latest wedding-y item is invitations to our engagement party next month -- we're having a little get-together at a pizza place in Michigan. Here's the invite:
Engagement party invites

Of course I made the envelopes -- that's what you see in the background. That paper reminds me of the interior of security envelopes. It was one of the few red and white papers I could find -- I guess that's not a popular color combo right now (of course).

Since we're having it at a pizza place, I cut up red and white plaid tablecloth-y fabric -- you know, like you find at Italian restaurants? Right? A few people have said "Oh! It's a picnic!" when they saw it, so I guess I failed there, but I like it anyway:
Cut fabric for the invites

And the little "celebrate" label was made using a stamp + red ink + clear embossing powder. Then I cut them all out by hand and glued them to the front of the card.

Because, of course, I'm nuts.
Celebrate labels

Oh, well. I'm only planning on getting married once, so I figure why not go all out? Yeah. I'll probably burn out on this sometime next month and end up sending out post-it notes for our wedding invitations. Tune in to see!



Sutter Schumacher said...

I think you'd even make Post-It notes look amazing, intentionally or otherwise!

Shayne said...

These are adorable. I probably told you this already, but my one piece of advice for planning a big wedding such as yours is to make sure you really enjoy the planning. The actual day can go really fast and surreal-y. And it looks like you are having a blast with all this crafting. I'm sure it really makes the whole thing more special.

We need to get our passports!

I've actually got some crafty stuff to blog about - maybe tonight :)

SisterDG said...


And if you ask me, the world needs more Post-It Note wedding invites. :-)

bettyninja said...

i think they're cute!