Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sublime Stitching patterns: Time to buy!

Dear Shayne,

I'm sure you're also on the Sublime Stitching mailing list, but if you're not, heads up: I got an email a couple of weeks ago saying there's going to be a price increase on patterns in "mid-March." Since we're heading towards mid-March right now, it's a good time to scoop up patterns at the current low price ($3.50-$4.50).

Meanwhile, even after the price increase, Jenny Hart's awesome patterns will still be a bargain at $5/each. Honestly. What can you get for $5 anymore? Nothing as cool as these embroidery patterns, that's for sure.

Oh, and they're also discontinuing a few patterns, so if you've ever had your eye on Bowling Betties, Gothic Grandeur, Mod Fashion, or Word Balloons, now is the time to grab 'em!

I've been wanting Vital Organs and Tattoo Alphabet for awhile now. Might finally be time to break down and order 'em! It's like I would be losing money if I didn't, right? ;)



Shayne said...

Oooo, thanks for the reminder. I'll have to place an order this week.

amy said...

that was my rationale too! "but i'm SAVING money this way!"

i now have ALL the patterns, with the exception of the new ones released today. i got a little bit obsessive about the need to have all of them!