Saturday, February 21, 2009

Skullified calendar

Dear Shayne,

I bought a few calendars on Etsy this past December and I've had one to spare that I wasn't sure where to put. I realized we did not have one in the skull-themed bathroom.

But the calender I had was not skull-y. Remedy? Rubber stamp!

I bought this lovely calendar from Etsy seller rightleftstudio (who I am hoping will not be offended by my modifying her work!)

Today, I skullified it:
Skullified calendar pages

I couldn't decide how to hang it up, so I dug around and found a plain clipboard and I skullified that too (with decoupage glue + skull-y paper):
Skull-y calendar holder

Here is this month's page, clipped to the holder:
Calendar + holder

When I took that photo, I thought the Double Skull action might have been overkill until I pulled back a bit.

I think I like overkill:
Bigger skull-y picture



amy said...

this is awesome kelly! what a fabulous idea, the clipboard was genius!

i ended up with 3 calendars this year, none of which i'm feeling very inspired to hang! one was a fundraiser, i bought it to support the group, but it's awkward and too big, another was a gift, and the third i thought i liked when i bought it, but it turns out i only really like 2 months of it!

maybe i should reinvent one of them!

amy said...

also, i want to see more pics of your bathroom!

A glance at my world said...

So cute! Where did you get the stamp??

brooke said...

Not offended at all- love it! And very clever idea with the clipboard...hope you don't mind me stealing that one some time!
Thanks for the love:)

Victoria said...

That clip board rocks Kelly, as does your bathroom! Love it!!!

A local friend of mine has a real passion for skulls, too. I have some of her pieces, and adore her skull clay buttons. Not sure if you are familiar with her etsy shop already, but here's the link in case you want to have a look:

kelly said...

Amy: Now that we are heading into days of longer light again, I'll try and get some more photos of the bathroom. It still needs some work, so perhaps this will inspire me!

A glance at my world: The stamp is by Tim Holtz. I got it at local scrapbooking store, but they don't have it anymore. You may be able to find it online if you google Tim Holtz + skull stamp. Good luck!

Brooke: Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you like what I did. Love your calendar!

Victoria: Thanks for the link! Love the skull-y creations!