Saturday, October 25, 2008

My cousin = super crafty

Dear Shayne,

Have I ever mentioned my cousin to you before? He's an amazing artist -- I am so impressed with his eye for design and his meticulous craftsmanship. He's really got a way with wood.

He makes beautiful light sculptures and amazing furniture. You can check out his work at Stephen Day Design. (Seriously -- click there. When your jaw returns from the floor, come back and read the rest of this post...)

He recently gave me a cutting board that he made. It's so beautiful, I don't think I can ever cut on it. I may just have to hang it on the wall. Check it out:
My cousin made this cutting board.

Also? His business cards totally flipping rock! I love that the card is very thick and the edges are red. Snazzy!
Business card front

His logo is even pressed on the back. Lovely subtlety (in fact, not even sure if you can see it in this photo -- too subtle for this amateur photographer, I'm afraid).
Business card back

These cards are just fantastic to hold -- they feel so nice and sturdy in your hand. They're made by local letterpress company, Carrot & Stick. Check out their cards right there -- the designs are fabulous!

I just realized that this post was a two-fer: two amazing Oakland-based artists in one!



Shayne said...

Your cousin makes some gorgeous stuff! Maybe you'll get something fabulous as a wedding gift :) And I really like the business cards - the red edging is awesome.

P.S. There's a new Martha Stewart Weddings out.

sarahelizabeth said...

His work is amazing!!!

Victoria said...

Your cousin is fantastically talented!

The Housewife said...

Wow- beautiful cutting board... and of course, now I am dreaming of places to put that green resin-top breakfast bar in my house. Gorgeous work!