Monday, November 03, 2008

Creepy Pumpkin Girl: Finished!

Dear Shayne,

After I posted my nearly finished Creepy Pumpkin Girl a few days ago, I finished her just in time for Hallowe'en:
Creepy Pumpkin Girl: Finished!

That satin stitch tutorial that I linked to from Needle 'n Thread (right here) helped me SO much in finishing off the bat on her dress. My mistake has been that I've been using too many strands -- when doing the rest of the embroidery, I use the full floss (all six strands), but for satin stitch, you've got to use just one strand. A-ha!

I ended up using a Sharpie to fill in her yellow glowing face-parts. This is probably pure sacrilege in the World of Embroidery, so don't tell anyone. Oh, wait. I guess I just did... oops. Oh, well. It worked and I'm not planning on washing this (it will come out for a few weeks every year and no one is wearing it. Spot cleaning = my friend.)

I'd like to make her into a pillow with some Hallowe'en fabric I have, but I have a feeling this will get put on the back burner until next October. Me? Procrastinate? Never!



Miss 376 said...

It looks fantastic finished

alison said...

How great your embroidery looks!

I wouldn't be too worried about the Sharpie, I don't think the embroidery police will give you a ticket.

#1-creativity is whatever you want it to be, and #2-Sharpies are waterproof ink, I've used the black ones for fabric marking and decoration and they don't run in the laundry. (you could always do a test on a scrap of fabric before washing your embroidery

Chrince said...

Aww, I love her.

I'm with you in the "I'll finish it next year" club.

Victoria said...

Very sweet! And why not use a Sharpie? In in old days the woman used crayon to color in their embroidery, and I have used fabric paints or colored pencils on mine... so if the embroidery police come a knockin' at your door, you just tell them to shoo!

Liz said...

Well, you know I LOVE that!

A glance at my world said...

She's a slightly creepy sort of way :) I've been wanting to try embroidery, but don't know how to get started...

kelly said...

a glance at my world - I highly recommend Sublime Stitching for getting started. They sell kits with all of the basic supplies and info you'll need (it's how I learned).

You'll be shocked an amazed by how easy it is to do the simple stuff (like this!)

Funky Finds said...

LOVE it!!!

Shayne said...

She looks fabulous! Speaking of holiday projects, I really ought to dig out the advent calendar I started two years ago and get it finished this month. Highly doubtful that that will happen, though.

kelly said...

Shayne -- Let's see the half-finished Advent calendar, sister!

Finish. It!
Finish. It!
Finish. It!