Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Shayne,

I was at my mom's house a couple of weeks ago and had the pleasure of enjoying these plastic canvas Thanksgiving creations that my grandmother made a few years back.

First up, Mr. Turkey:

(He's impressively large -- bigger than a football.)

And check out these cheerful, rosy cheeked pilgrims:

I love it that the boy pilgrim is really cheering about something. I mean, he is clearly excited. It makes me laugh.

Perhaps he's excited that the turkey is larger than he is?

Pilgrim: Yay! We'll be eating turkey for months!
Turkey: First you've got to catch me, tiny man.

Heh. I love these -- they're adorable.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Shayne. And thanks so much to all of our readers who make this blog so special -- enjoy the day!



Shayne said...

Your grandma must be adorable making such cute things! I love the pink cheek details.

Happy Turkey Day to you and all our readers!

JenniferNabers said...

Your Grandma is the Craftsmaster General. I didn't hear about how her birthday was (what with you surprising her and all).

SisterDG said...

Heh - that's plastic canvas! This makes me so happy! That turkey is a feat of engineering, to be sure.

kelly said...

SisterDG -- I totally thought of you when I took these photos. I know you're the PC Queen and would truly appreciate that turkey! :)