Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WiP: Creepy Pumpkin Girl

Dear Shayne,

A few days shy of Halloween and I am almost finished with what I've been calling my "Creepy Pumpkin Girl." I am almost done embroidering her -- I think I'll make her into a pillow.
WiP: Creepy Pumpkin Girl
(Her dress is dark purple, but I didn't capture that very well in the fading light this evening...)

I originally spotted this gal at the terrific crafty blog of Early Bird Special (if you click on that link, you will see a much better version of what I'm showing you here).

The pattern is freely distributed here by the amazingly talented Andrea Zuill (check out her Etsy shop, badbird -- I especially love the bunny prints: Flopsy Chooses to Fly, Few Know Mopsy's Secret, and Fluffykins hates gum. Hee hee! Bunnies!) I feel like my work is not doing justice to Andrea's original print, but I'm pretty happy with her.

The biggest thing I have left to do is my favorite part of the design: the bat on the front of her dress. Unfortunately, I think it would best be done in satin stitch and I am horrible at satin stitch, so... ack.

I also need to add a line in her face that I somehow missed and add some yellow glow inside of her head. I tried to stitch it in earlier, but it looked awful, so now I am thinking some kind of fabric markers? Hrm.

I hope to be done with the embroidery in time for Halloween this Friday, but the pillow? Well, there's always next year...


PS -- I just watched this awesome satin stitch tutorial from Needle n' Thread. Armed with new tips, I am now excited to go finish my girl's bat!


Early Bird Special said...

I think she looks great! I thought stitching the yellow glow within the facial features was a little tricky, so there's no shame in going the tinted route. I wish I would've thought of that! ;)

Chrince said...

I really love this! Creepy crafts are the best!

Shayne said...

Super cute! I don't think she's creepy at all. Glad you found some satin stitch tips.