Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mmm... potato skins...

Dear Shayne,

For the most part, living in a place that basically poo-poos chain restaurants is a good thing. We have a lot more unique and wonderful places to eat here than many other areas and I do appreciate the independent choices that we have.

However, one thing that I really miss is potato skins. Even though we have plenty of bars nearby, they seem to all be missing this key [in my opinion] selection on the menu.

So Bill and I got to talking about this yesterday and we said, "Hey! Why not make our own?"

Shayne, this may have been a mistake.

They were SO flipping good... I got up this morning and said, "Hey -- want to have potato skins again today?" This photo is not great, but I assure you that they were wonderful:
Mmm... potato skins

We basically used this recipe for grilled potato skins, except we made little "boats" instead of wedges. Also, we just used olive oil in place of the butter combo and then threw some salt on 'em while they were on the grill. De-lish!

Mmm... now I want potato skins.



Shayne said...

Oh my word, I need potato skins. Are you *sure* you can't mail me a few? Living in chain-land, I should be able to find some this week. I need some! Now! I bet yours were much yummier than a restaurants - probably less greasy too. What did you do with the part you scraped out?

Chrince said...

Food never looks that good in photographs. It always looks a little slimy. These however, make me want to lick the monitor.

I have a condiment question for you. In Nebraska, pretty much everything edible gets served with ranch. Is that just a Midwest thing, or is ranch as an everyday condiment a nationwide obsession?

I ask because I totally want to eat those dipped in ranch.

Cleveland Jeff said...

As your mother would say, "Roll over and bark for food"

kelly said...

Shayne -- I'd love to say that we made something with the scooped-out part, but we were drooling over the soon-to-be-eaten skins so hard that we just tossed it. Next time, perhaps we'll make mashed potatoes.

Chrince -- While I think ranch would be delicious on these, we typically eat them with sour cream (which is what we scarfed these down with). In California, you definitely have to ask for ranch -- it doesn't come automatically. I'd say we're more often offered blue cheese (which is most certainly NOT the same thing!)

Jeff -- You're right! My mother would totally say that. And she would be right! Woof! Woof!

Shayne said...

Yeah, here in Maryland potato skins come with sour cream. Yummy!

Shayne said...

Oh, this week at the grocery store I saw frozen potato skins from TGIFriday. They were on a sale endcap and didn't have a price. I found their regular spot to see that they cost $8! So I put them back - I can get fresh ones at a restaurant for that much money. But then I saw that they sell a smaller box as well for $3. Which I ate for lunch today. So healthy and low in fat! Meh.