Friday, November 14, 2008

Sweet garland

Dear Shayne,

This was a project I spotted at the Craft blog that made me sit straight up and say, "I need to make that!" It's just so damned cuuute! (Bonus: I had all of the materials on hand.)

It's a candy garland made from fabric scraps!
Candy garland

Garland is difficult to photograph -- if you try to get the whole thing, it's a very long skinny photo. So here it is, coiled into a spiral:
Candy garland

The tutorial to make these is from CraftBits. She made hers using retro Christmas colors and perhaps I should have done the same, but I could not resist these candy colors. Cuuuute! (Oh, did I say that already? Hrm. Well, it bears repeating.)

Here's all the candy in a little candy dish:
Bowl full o' candy... garland!

I used 1 inch styrofoam balls and cut my fabric rectangles to be 5 x 6 inches. I then used the pinking shears to cut off .5 inches from either end of the rectangle. (So I guess I ended up using 5x5 squares.)

I pinked the other side of those half inch scraps and used them for my "ties." CraftBits did a cute job of tying little bows, but mine didn't look good like that, so I just glued my little pinked scraps around each end (if you click through to the large version of the candy in a bowl, you'll see what I mean.)

CraftBits suggested either gluing or sewing the ends of the candy together to create the garland. I was going to sew, but then... I had the glue gun out, so why not try that? It worked like a charm, so I just glued the pieces together. I like the haphazard way it ended up.

I'm going to hang this on the mantle for Christmas. Or maybe I'll make more and use it for garland on the tree? The possibilities are endless -- I think we need candy garland everywhere!



Shayne said...

I'll say it too! Super CUTE!!!!! This would be cute to only put out on birthdays too.

Andy Darling said...

I like it in the bowl, just sitting on an end table or something. Very cute ! (Yes, of course, I did say it) :P

Victoria said...

These are Super Duper Cute!!

Liz said...

This is one of the cutest Christmas ideas I've seen in a long time! said...


Your version looks great!! The photos are amazing!

MissViolonjello said...

That is too cute! I am inspired..

Hopefully in the next couple of months I will be getting a little office for Violonjello, to decorate however I wish - some of these will definitely be featuring!

Aim said...

What a great idea! So cute and candy-looking :D