Thursday, November 06, 2008

Handmade [by someone else!] bag

Dear Shayne,

As much as I love to make things by hand, I also love to buy handmade things. I've been thinking lately that I needed a larger tote bag to carry my kee-rap to work. My subsequent thought has been, "Oh, I should make myself one..." (of course)

But then I stumbled upon someone else making them in just the size I had in mind -- Etsy seller GreenBaggingIt.

So I bought a new tote bag:

(Photo taken from GreenBaggingIt's Etsy store. It's now too dark after work for me to take decent photos. Hating that.)

She's got a lot of different cute fabrics available -- if you like the one I bought, you can get your own right here. Or you can check out the rest of the options right here.

It's got a couple of small pockets both on the inside and the outside, which is handy. I really like the stitched detail on the bag handles -- it's a very nice touch [that I would not have done for myself] so yay for buying handmade!



nic the dig said...

Oooo that is a lovely bag! I've also been tempted to try and make things like that but always wimp out ;)

I received my buttons in the mail today - thanks so much, they're awesome!

Shayne said...

You are addicted to tote bags! Love the colors!!!

kelly said...

Nic -- Glad you got (and liked!) the buttons. :)

Shayne -- I use a tote bag every day for totin' my stuff to work, so they get worn out. Also, it's fun to have a new bag.