Friday, September 05, 2008

More fantastic packaging: BooDilly's

Dear Shayne,

After raving about Woodmouse Loves Wood's awesome packaging yesterday, I realized that I never told you about the fantastic package I got when I ordered something from Esty seller BooDilly's.

Shame on me! Victoria is an awesome blogger and artist and I truly admire her work (you may remember her from when I won this awesome mini quilt -- remember that? Love that thing!)

I kind of tore into the package before taking photos, but this is what I ordered -- a vintage 200 year calendar:
200 year calendar
I don't know why, but I just loved how it looks inside. My first thought was to use it to craft with, but I'm not sure I can tear into it -- how could I properly display such a gem? I may have to think more on it:
200 year calendar: inside page

She wrapped up my purchase like a gift with a vintage sewing pattern and a ribbon (which I will totally re-use).

She also included a personal note that she tucked inside of an unused card -- so I can use the card again! (What a great idea -- I may have to start doing that myself. Love that.)

Plus, she put her business card in the sweetest little decoupaged envelope. Another item I can (and will!) use again.

Here's the sum of my loot (including, of course, the calendar I ordered):
Extra loot from BooDilly's

In addition to BooDilly's, where she sells awesome vintage finds (check out this skull illustration... I am drooling over that!) she also has another shop where she sells her amazing art: The Silly BooDilly. Check it out -- it's so inspirational!



Victoria said...

Hi kelly, I just popped over to see what's new with you, and imagine my surprise! Thank you for the kind words, I am so glad that you like the items! (I got that red book with the same intent, to use it in art, but like you I just couldn't bear to alter it!)

kelly said...

Victoria! I was going to email you to let you know I was talking about you, but then the heat got to me and fried my brain. Sorry 'bout that.

At least it was a good surprise!

Shayne said...

Cool find! Cool packaging!