Monday, September 15, 2008

Crafts from the past: Knit flowers

Dear Shayne,

Since it's all flowers all the time around here right now, I thought I'd share a couple of knit flowers I have made in the past with you.

This first one is from a Knitty sweater pattern called Folly, which is covered in these flowers (scroll to the bottom to see the flower pattern). It's very sweet -- about an inch and a half across and it looks like a little rose:
Red knitted rose

The other one I learned to make in a class at the amazing yarn shop Article Pract. I made it out of the most incredible super soft angora-blend yarn -- far too extravagant for a flower, but it sure does feel wonderful:
Pink knitted flower

I did a bad job of cropping these, because that looks the same size as the red one -- it's actually about twice the size (approx. 3 inches across).

I always meant to put these on pins, but never have. They've just been on my bulletin board all this time. Now that I've taken them down, perhaps I should complete the project. Hrmm...



Victoria said...

These are so sweet! I love crocheting flowers, (I am a horrible knitter!)

Shayne said...

Super cute! Hey, where is a good place for me to look for knit hat ideas? You know, for when I force you... I mean ask you nicely to make me a new winter hat. I'll need to alternate with my Kittyville hat.

kelly said...

Victoria -- I don't believe you are a horrible knitter! But I *do* think that crochet often lends itself better to making flowers. So go on with your crochet flower-making self!

Shayne -- There are a million resources for knit hats out there. Did you ever join Ravelry like I told you to? Do it! They have a huge pattern library, which is a great place to look.

If not Ravelry, many hip knitted hats can be found here at Knitty (I wish they had thumbnails -- you'll have to click around to see the goodness.)

Anonymous said...

Hi! How does one purchase the 2nd knit flower pattern? Many thanks!!

kelly said...

Unfortunately, I learned to make that one in a class and I think the pattern was the instructor's design. :(

You might try searching to see if anyone else has a lead. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!