Thursday, September 04, 2008

I couldn't resist

Dear Shayne,

Remember this super cute skunk I told you about a couple of weeks ago? Well, Woodmouse Loves Wood had a sale last week and I couldn't help myself.

I bought him:
Wood skunk!
(Dude -- the sale is still going on and those suitcases you liked are on sale right here.) (Sorry!)

Bonus: Woodmouse Loves Wood is one of those awesome Etsy sellers who really goes the extra mile and sends you all kinds of sweet goodies when you order from her.

Look at this cute little muslin bag my skunk came in:
Bag o' cutie skunk!

Plus, she also sent a little handwritten note and a plantable business card (plant the card and grow wildflowers!) Oh, yeah -- and a card with info on how my skunk was made and also ideas for what to do with the cute little muslin bag: potpourri sachet, a dry snack pouch, a nature walk "treasure bag," and when you are done, it's fully compostable!

It's all just so sweet:

I know I don't "need" that skunk, but... I kinda needed him.
Ya know what I mean?



Chrince said...

How funny... A skunk had just made himself known outside my house when I let the dog out this morning. They're cute to look at, not cute to smell. I love your little guy though.

Shayne said...

Sooooo cute! And there's nothing better than fun packaging.

I just looked at all of her stuff again - I want some!

The Housewife said...

You needed that skunk and he needed you! It's so cute... I'm glad you finally gave in!

amy said...

aw, he's cute!

i have an intense dislike of real skunks due to the one that used to hang around my old house (i swear that damn skunk stalked me!), but non-real skunks are just so cute!!

bettyninja said...

wow- he is a cutie. He looks so wonderfully rustic. the packaging sounded great too