Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fuzzy colorful yarn!

Dear Shayne,

Look what I got:
Suri Dream

Fuzzy colorful yarn! I know that you are Wool Averse, so it's not your bag, but it's pretty fun for me. It's Suri Dream from KnitPicks and it's very soft and fuzzy.

I originally bought it because I want to make this shawl, but I didn't want to spend $13/skein for 9 skeins of the specified yarn. Suri Dream is $5/skein. Whee! The colors are not an exact match, but I have confidence in my color-choosing skills -- I think I can make a good lookin' shawl out of these yarns.

Meanwhile, this also solves another knitting dilemma for me. Awhile back, I made this crazy scarf:
Link scarf

(That photo makes it look not-so-crazy, but it's actually about 12 feet long, so it's pretty nuts -- there's way more scarf behind than in front here.)

This scarf is similar to the one shown on the cover of the book Loop-d-Loop. I used a kit to make it -- the kit came with shorter lengths of all of those yarns, so I didn't have to get a full skein of each one. It's this crazy-soft nylon yarn called Berroco Plush. It's so soft, it's disturbing (in fact, we call crazy-soft items like this "disturbingly soft"). After I made it, my mom wanted one. Of course.

Unfortunately, Plush is about $10/skein, so buying all of those skeins just for that scarf would get mighty spendy (mine has 15 links in it -- my mom is quite a bit shorter than I am, so hers would have fewer links, but still... it's a lot!) However, I think this Suri Dream will work quite nicely and there should be plenty for both my shawl and my mom's scarf. So yay!

Hrm... now I guess I ought to quit styling the yarn and get knitting?



Shayne said...

I want to put eyes on those balls of yarn and keep them as pets! Glad you're getting two uses out of it. The shawl is awesome and your scarf is gorgeous too!

Shayne said...

How many skeins of the nylon Plush would it take for a pair of knucks?? I love the raspberry!

kelly said...

Knucks made from Plush would be like giant fuzzy mitts! Hee hee! I'm not sure you'd be able to get your fingers together with all of that thickness between them...

If you want to try Plush fingerless mitts, I'd go with a more "mitten-like" pattern (no individual fingers -- like these but not as long down the wrist).

In answer to your question... 2 balls should make some cute furry little paws.

Shayne said...

Oh! I would prefer fingerless actually. Stupid circulation problems. Knit for me! Knit for me!

kelly said...

We'll see... I've got quite a few things built up in the Craft Pipeline right now. But I can add it to the list!

You said the color you want is called "Raspberry." Is it the one called "Raspberry Strawberry" on this page?

Shayne said...

Yes, raspberry strawberry, please! You want me to have warm hands, don't you? ;)