Saturday, September 29, 2007

The "less fun" scarf

Dear Shayne,

I feel bad for this scarf because, of the two scarves I am knitting right now, it is truly the less fun one. I think the finished product is very fun looking, but the knitting of it? Yeah... not so much fun. Here's a photo:

Coral Reef Scarf

In the lower left corner, you seen the photo from the pattern -- isn't it fun? I think so! But it's just, erm... a boring knit on small needles. So it's slooow. Also, it's going to look way better once it's blocked, so it's hard to even get jazzed about what I've got so far... sigh.

Oh, yeah... and when my grandma saw it, she said, "Erm... why are you knitting that?" So I might be alone in thinking that this scarf is fun. Whee.

Next up: the more fun scarf! Those loops are a blast to knit!



TheBon said...

Don't you love the addi lace needles? I do!

kelly said...

Yes -- they were an absolute life-saver on this project! I started w/ regular addis and almost tore my hair out. After reading all of the ravings about the pointy goodness of the addi lace needles, I took the plunge. Muuuuch better.

Plus, I can also use them as a weapon if ever the need arises. Pointy!

TheBon said...

I've been knitting baby sweaters on them, and I love. So pointy, so smooth!

Shayne said...

What color are you making it in?

kelly said...

I'm making it in the color you see there -- that's my scarf-in-progress w/ the pattern on top of it.

Did I take such a lovely product shot that you didn't realize it was my scarf? ;)

Shayne said...

I thought it was the pro picture! I like that color...would you call it coral?

kelly said...

I think I would call it "coral." Oh, yes, and the maker of this yarn also does!

It was a kit I bought here and I had 3 colors to choose from: Coral, Celadon, or Aqua.

I may have been influenced by the pattern photo and the name "CoralReef" to choose the coral color. I dunno. I just liked it.

Shayne said...

It *is* like a coral reef. How clever! It's going to be gorgeous!