Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Journal ring: Round 2

Dear Shayne,

Remember that journal ring I did awhile back? Yeah... then I did Round 2. If you want to know more about it, check the post on craftster. People have started getting their books back, so I'll post what I did here.

Here's the first one to make its way home...

Here's the left page:
Journal #1.2 - left page

And here's the right:
Journal #1.2 - right page

I barely remember doing these pages, as it's been several months since I completed them. I had to laugh when I looked at them again. The theme of these journals is "letters and numbers." I've never been too much of a numbers gal, so I stuck with letters. And how!

For these pages, I was obviously very committed to the letters I was using... A is for April, Arc de Triomphe (weird choices). B is butterfly, baseball, buttons. The cat for C is kind of cracking me up -- he looks funny sitting there! C is also for Canada, coin, and coupon. D is for... dressform(?) dragonfly, dance, and daisy.

I also used dictionary pages in the background corresponding with each of the letters. I'm an anal retentive weirdo! Yay!

Oh, well... I did have fun going through my junk finding stuff to go with these letters, so I guess that's what matters... right?



Dawn said...

"C is for Canada!" I love it!

Shayne said...

Sometimes I say "Canadia" by mistake. Especially "French Canadia." Your pages are great, as always. The cat sticker (I have those!) cracks me up!