Sunday, September 02, 2007

Crafty Books

Dear Kelly,

Last week my mom and I went to Daedalus Books Warehouse. I scored in the craft section! I got Bazaare Bizarre: Not Your Granny's Crafts! by Greg Der Ananian and Deluxe Origami by Charles E. Tuttle Co., Inc. Check out the Tuttle Publishing pages of origami books and kits - there's all sorts of cool stuff I've never seen in stores.

Today, I picked up Craft Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco, on your recommendation.

Perhaps I'll post a little review of each when I've read them.



jessica said...

Craft Inc. looks good. I wonder how many applied it and if it works.

kelly said...

I've read a lot of good reviews of Craft Inc on various blogs over the past couple of weeks -- I haven't seen it myself, but I'll be curious to hear (well, read) what you think of it.

I also have the book Bazaar Bizarre... there are a couple of fun-looking projects in there. Of course, I have made none of them. We should pick a project from that book and have a craft-along! Or something...

Felicia said...

That looks like an interesting book I'll have to keep an eye out for.