Sunday, September 30, 2007

Aaand... the "more fun" scarf!

Dear Shayne,

Here is the "more fun" scarf, although it does not look like much of a scarf in these photos. Here I have one link completed. It's a fuzzy O:
One fuzzy link

I looked around for something to show the size comparison and Kaesea was handy, so I used his neck:
Kaesea wearing a fuzzy link

And then I realized that it's already a scarf! For cats! But it's actually for my mom, so I'm going to add more links and make it human sized.

These links are super fun to knit and I love this yarn! Yay for more fun!



TheBon said...

I do not like thees loop around my neck, but then again, it, it, feels, preety. And I DO like to feel preety.

Man, I crack myself up.

kelly said...

You crack me up, too! I think that's *exactly* what Kaesea was saying during this process!

Shayne said...

I want to eat your cats! They are so cute!

jessica said...

adorable kitties.
the color yarn is very pretty.